• And all that was left was our gloomy minds

    A puff on a cigarette. A last one. The ultimate. How does it starts...

    I used to live in a fantastic family. Not a nuclear family, rather a spiritual one. You know, that kind of family. The one that you'd never want to leave. We were very numerous. There was Catfold, our sweet grandma. There were young Kol and old Jory, y'know, those two were kinda inseparable. There were also Jan, Christ, Qina, Udwig, Gulwo and Merisa. And there was me. We couldn't live without each others. That was just impossible, 'cause we were always all together. Eating together, hanging out together, working together, sleeping together... Living together. Those were the days, y'know, the happiest days of my entire life. I can't remember how it was before I meet them.

    That was a community, my community, a happy and pretty community in which we were truly happy. We really used to like each others.  We were united. We lived together, we never thought about death. Until this fateful day.


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